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"The parable of those who spend their property on the Way of Allaah is like the likeness of a grain of grain, which produces seven spikes, in every spike a hundred grains, and allaah multiplies for whom He wants. And Allaah is Comprehensive, All-Omniscensive."

There are several ways to donate


By making a DUA/Smeekbede to ALLAH (swt) and asking him to lead us on the right path to realize this project in the best way.


You pay a contribution in cash at the mosque with one of the board members. You will then receive a receipt as proof of payment.


You donate jewelry (from precious metals). After selling the jewelry you will receive from us a proof showing what the value of your donation has been.


Using the information below, you deposit your contribution directly into our bank account.

Bank account number
:NL 13 RABO 0118097709

In the name of: Islamic cultural and educational centre Siraat Nieuwegein

Make a donation now .b the form below



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