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Funeral Service

The checklist in the event of death

The death of a family member is profound and emotional. In this difficult time you often have to arrange a lot, including with the government. Below is an overview of important topics that are important during a funeral of a Muslim.

Determining death by a doctor

Always call your GP if the death has happened in the house. If the death has occurred in institutions such as hospitals or care centres, the (home) doctor is automatically informed.  The doctor draws up a death certificate, with this statement you can apply for the Deed of Death from the municipality. You will receive the doctor's so-called A and B certificate.

  • The A-certificate shows the date of death
  • The B statement shows the probable cause of death.

Declaration of death to municipality

Within six working days of death, you must report it to the municipality. You need the following:

  • A statement
  • B-statement (in unopened envelope)
  • Your ID
  • Details for the funeral if in NL
  • If necessary: wedding booklet

Declaration of death at consulate

Report the death to the consulate of the country of origin for a death certificate.

At the Moroccan consulate you need:

  • Copy of the death certificate
  • Passport and Moroccan identity card of the deceased
  • Wedding booklet
  • Birth certificate of the deceased
  • Marriage certificate, if applicable
  • (Possibly) extract of the birth certificate or Moroccan identity card of the widower or widow.


Contact with the funeral insurance company

Contact the funeral insurance company if the deceased has taken out a funeral insurance policy and give them the information about which policy(s) the deceased has with the insurance company.

  • Call Banque Chaabi (insurance)
  • Calling Banque Chaabi Injad in Paris
  • Phone number + 33 145 811 616
  • For proper registration you need the following pieces
  • Account number of Banque Chaabi
  • Passport and carte national of the deceased
  • Address in Morocco for burial (if applicable)
  • Contact and his phone number (Netherlands/Morocco)


Contact with an Islamic funeral director

Contact an Islamic funeral director to organize the funeral.

Contact the (local) mosque

Contact (local) mosque with the message that their brother or sister has died. So that the Djanazah prayer can be organized.


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